Monday, March 26, 2012

Save your data in a Secret notepad

1) Open command Prompt (type cmd in run).

2) You may change to any directory where you want to save that file.
3) Type notepad filename.txt:StoreHiddenData then press enter. here filename is name of file for example if i want to create a notepad file of name secret then i will write notepad secret.txt:StoreHiddenData. This will create a text file secret.txt.
4) A message will be pop up Cannot find the D:\secret.txt:StoreHiddenData.txt file. Do you want to create a new file?, click OK button to proceed create the new file.
5) A notepad will be pop up. Type data that you want to hide from others. Save the file and you are now successfully creating hidden data for this file.
6) close cmd.
A notepad file secret.txt is successfuly created which contains hidden data. When you open secret.txt, it seems empty. Actualy your data is hidden so you are not able to see it. 
If you want to see your hidden data then open cmd and type notepad secret.txt:StoreHiddenData. A notepad file will be pop up which contains hidden data.

Change the password of any computer using command prompt

1. Open Command Prompt, if you don’t know where is it, click Start- All Programs-Accessories-command prompt
2. After you see a black window pop-up type ‘ Net User ‘
3. You will see a little information about all accounts in your computer
4. You should choose account you want to hack
5. For example you want to hack account Sanzar, you should type ’ Net User Sanzar and press enter ‘.
6. Now you are seeing full information about Sanzar’s account
7. For changing Sanzar’s password, you should type ’ Net User Sanzar * ‘ and it then show you how to change Sanzar’s password
8. If you can’t understand the command line, you just type ‘ Net User Sanzar the new password ‘.
9. Say it you want to change Sanzar’s password to 123456, you should type ‘ Net User Sanzar 123456 ‘
10. Now, you successfully change Sanzar’s password to 123456.

N.B.: Do not harm others.