Monday, November 21, 2011

8086 interview questions

8086 interview questions 
  1. What are the flags in 8086? - In 8086 Carry flag, Parity flag, Auxiliary carry flag, Zero flag, Overflow flag, Trace flag, Interrupt flag, Direction flag, and Sign flag.
  2. What are the various interrupts in 8086? - Maskable interrupts, Non-Maskable interrupts.
  3. What is meant by Maskable interrupts? - An interrupt that can be turned off by the programmer is known as Maskable interrupt.
  4. What is Non-Maskable interrupts? - An interrupt which can be never be turned off (ie.disabled) is known as Non-Maskable interrupt.
  5. Which interrupts are generally used for critical events? - Non-Maskable interrupts are used in critical events. Such as Power failure, Emergency, Shut off etc.,
  6. Give examples for Maskable interrupts? - RST 7.5, RST6.5, RST5.5 are Maskable interrupts
  7. Give example for Non-Maskable interrupts? - Trap is known as Non-Maskable interrupts, which is used in emergency condition.
  8. What is the Maximum clock frequency in 8086? - 5 Mhz is the Maximum clock frequency in 8086.
  9. What are the various segment registers in 8086? - Code, Data, Stack, Extra Segment registers in 8086.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Convert Visual Studio 2010 Project into Visual Studio 2008

To Convert Visual Studio 2010 Project into Visual Studio 2008, download the following file and install it (after unzipping it). Then open your project with the installed program and then just convert it.

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