Monday, March 26, 2012

Change the password of any computer using command prompt

1. Open Command Prompt, if you don’t know where is it, click Start- All Programs-Accessories-command prompt
2. After you see a black window pop-up type ‘ Net User ‘
3. You will see a little information about all accounts in your computer
4. You should choose account you want to hack
5. For example you want to hack account Sanzar, you should type ’ Net User Sanzar and press enter ‘.
6. Now you are seeing full information about Sanzar’s account
7. For changing Sanzar’s password, you should type ’ Net User Sanzar * ‘ and it then show you how to change Sanzar’s password
8. If you can’t understand the command line, you just type ‘ Net User Sanzar the new password ‘.
9. Say it you want to change Sanzar’s password to 123456, you should type ‘ Net User Sanzar 123456 ‘
10. Now, you successfully change Sanzar’s password to 123456.

N.B.: Do not harm others.

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